Dare To Be A Daniel

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Dare To Be A Daniel

Daniel and his friends must choose
What is right or wrong.
Should they take the easy way
Or follow God's command?

         C(e)         (g)      G(d)          C(e)
         Dare to be a Daniel.  Dare to stand alone.
         F(f)           C(c)           G(e)            C(c)
         Dare to have a purpose firm.  Dare to make it known.

Three friends knew they should not bow,
When the signal came.
For they loved the Lord their God and
Would not worship man.

When you find that you must choose,
Do what's right and good.
Think of Daniel and his friends
And please the Lord your God.

C(e)          (g)           G(d)          C(e)
Standing by a purpose true, heeding God's command
F(f)           C(f)              G(e)             (d)
Honor them the faithful few, all hail to Daniel's band

C(e)        (g)           G(d)          C(e)
Many mighty men are lost, daring not to stand,
F(f)            C(f)           G(e)             (d)
who for God had been a host by joining Daniel's band

C(e)        (g)            G(d)                 C(e)
Many giants great and tall stalking through the land
F(f)            C(f)                G(e)            (d)
Headlong to the earth would fall if met by Daniel's band

C(e)            (g)         G(d)          C(e)
Hold the gospel banner high on to victory grand
F(f)          C(f)           G(e)               (d)
Satan and his hosts defy and shout for Daniel's band