My Savior Jesus

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My Savior Jesus

My Savior Jesus
written by Vernon D. Singleton, Sr.
around 1986 AD

Am(e)                       Dm(d)
Let me tell you a story ... about a man I know
G(d)                        Am(e)
He comes from far away  ... and long ago
Am(c)                 Dm(c)
His name is Jesus ... and He taught me how to love
G(b)                                 Am(a)
I see him all around me and feel his strength from above

Am                          Dm
When I came into this world nothing did I know
G                           Am
of what came before me, but I began to grow

I was looking for the answers of what I was to be, and
tried to get outside myself, so I could be free

I really don't know what it was that caused me not to see
I guess as much as anything it was pride or vanity

But then it came, that awful day, that awful day of woe.
I saw the devil smile at me, he said, "You're mine, you know?"

(woo & musical bridge)

Then from up above me at first it wasn't very clear
but there in the devil's face, I saw a sign of fear.

Yes, it was Jesus hanging down a thread of hope
I grabbed onto that thread in faith, and it became a rope.

==== He brought me up with him to a safer place
==== And I fell down to my knees and received His grace

==== He lifted me up with him, and covered up my sin
==== win

Yes, it was my savior (Jesus), coming after me
I gave myself to him, and He set me free.

(woo & musical bridge)

Let me tell you a story about a man I know
He comes from far away and long ago ...

Am <- play this
(e) <- sing this