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   opens eyes
   stands up
   brush teeth
   brush hair
   applies deodorant
   takes off nightgown
   puts on shirt or blouse
   puts on pants or skirt
   puts on socks and shoes
   puts on belt
   laces up shoes
   puts on glasses
   puts on necklace
   puts on a bracelet
   puts on earrings one at a time
   clips nails
   puts stuff in my backpack
   opens the garage door
   puts on helmet
   put on your backpack
   zip up backpack
   get a water bottle
   mommy's killing bugs in the pantry
   gets cereal out of the pantry
   gets a bowl out of the cupboard
   puts things on the table for breakfast
   get a spoon out of the drawer
   puts the spoon in the bowl
   gets milk from the fridge
   pours milk in the bowl
extra lunch money   
puts milk back in the fridge
   put the bag back in the cereal box
   put the cereal box back in the pantry
   calls for the kids to eat breakfast
   pull up the kickstand
   pressing flowers in my book
   meeting your friends on the way to school
   friends coming over to tag along to school
   coming back from school

At first I didn't notice you


licorice drop

lemon drops

gum drops

guinea pig wiskers

turtle shells

crispy crunchy cereal

hot chocolate

pink lemonade


little girls giggles

wrinkles on noses

chocolate ice cream

milk shakes

hot and sour soup

fireside stories

campfire stories

forts in the living room made with cozy blankets and chairs

waiting at the airport for someone you love

hugs at the airport for someone you missed

the last day of school

baby's soft feet

piano lessons

using candles when the lights go out

biking in the park

watching children on the playground

   freshly baked bread
   newly mowed lawns
   fresh baked pies
sea breeze on the shoreline

We don't hate you.
But you make us sad.
Somethings cannot be fixed.
Nothing can be fixed.
It's all broken.
Everything is broken.
Irrepairably broken.

What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

What are you hoping for?

We are going to die.

If ... then why are you mad?
If ... then why are you sad?