The Big Beginning

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The Character's Background - Chapter 1

first character - protagonist

second character - victim

third character - villain

2 The problem begins - Chapter 2

no one expected it

wow. Look who it hurts ...

The problem expands - Chapter 3

worse than anyone thought

how could it get fixed?

A solution presents itself - Chapter 4

there is no way we could do that

but we have to

An unexpected twist - Chapter 5

now what?

The protagonist prevails - Chapter 6

Can't this place just stay saved for a few minutes?

Hooray - Concluding side story - Chapter 7

What they did with their lives afterward

     The Big Beginning
This isnt just any big beginning its the big beginning of a big family.

A big beginning that sounds fake and yet sounds true. We all start with Big Daddy. He is the strongest man that ever lived on the face of the planet (other than jesus) he was 6'8. Then we go to Melisa which is the wife of Big Daddy. she can make smoke and clouds and float. Dustiney is 5'4 and can make dust tornadoes and anything with dust and shes 14 years old. next is the twins. chasey and amy. Chasey was born 15 seconds earlier than